Beef Brisket


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“Meat Purchases Are Pre-Authorized At Heaviest Weight. Final Charge Will Be Adjusted At Shipping.”
Competiton BBQ champs choose Bow Creek Ranch brisket and you should too. Although brisket is a tough cut of meat, this toughness can be counteracted with long slow cooking which gives the chance for the abundance of connective tissue to break down and gelatinize into a rich tender meat. … Brisket is the cut of meat used to make corned beef and pastrami Our premium Beef is USDA inspected and approved. All natural home raised. Important Note *This Product Is Subject To Lower Prices! That’s Right, Each Weight Based Product is Pre-Authorized at Checkout For Our Highest Price Point. Within Seven Days We Will Review Your Pre-Authorized Invoice and Adjust Amount Owed Lower Based on Actual Weight Being Purchased. This item is $6.00 per pound. At checkout you will be pre-authorized for the largest brisket as your deposit. However, at shipping will reduce cost to match the size roast you are purchasing.

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